We have implemented a new CRM and support system to provide even better service for our clients.

Log A Support Ticket

First, please check our Service Status - if there are any issues shown, we are already aware of them and are investigating.

All support requests including ad-hoc requests for changes to existing software must be logged by sending an email to our support system.

  • Send an email to: support@sigmatechnology.co.uk
  • Use the Subject to provide a summary of the problem/request.
  • Attach screenshots of any errors if applicable.

Emails sent to this address are automatically logged as a Support Ticket, which ensures your request does not get lost or overlooked.

We will provide an initial response within the timeframe specified in your SLA, but we always try to respond as quickly as possible.

Our Support Process

Our support team follow specific processes.  Here is how we handle your requests:

  1. Review the information provided in the Support Ticket.
  2. Perform an initial assessment as to the cause of the problem.
  3. Categorise the Support Ticket, assign a Priority Level (1-4) and an estimated resolution date.
  4. Provide a response to the customer confirming receipt of the ticket and the estimated time to resolve (this step may be skipped if the issue is easy to resolve).
  5. Resolve the issue if possible or log the issue on our bug tracking system if it is likely to require further investigation and/or a software release.
  6. Close the issue, providing confirmation of resolution to the customer, or the tracking reference number for our bug tracking system.

Urgent Requests

If your website or services are unavailable, chances are we already know about it thanks to our comprehensive monitoring systems, but please do still notify us just in case.

Check there are no issues with your own Internet connection first, and you can also check our Service Status system to see if there are any availability issues with our servers.

If you are still having issues, please log a support request via email if possible (as described above) and then give us a call to alert us to it.

Telephone numbers and SLA response times are listed on the next page.

Contact Telephone Numbers

If you need to speak to us about any issue, the best way is to call our head office on 0333 33 55 697.

Please only use our emergency / out-of-hours number if you have a genuine emergency or services are unavailable.

Priority Levels

To help us deal with higher priority issues first, all tickets logged are assigned a priority level, which is subject to change.  Priority levels and explanations are shown below.

P1Service UnavailableA server may be experiencing downtime or outage.
P2BlockerServices are online but workflow(s) cannot be completed.
P3Workaround AvailableThere is a problem, but an alternate workflow can be used temporarily to achieve the desired outcome.
P4Request for ChangeAny change to design, content, functionality, or configuration.

Depending on the type of request received, and the SLA in place, P4 requests may be chargeable if they are deemed to be out of scope for the current contract/maintenance agreement.  We will usually resolve most P4 request within 10 working days.  However, this depends on our current workload and other requests from customers; there is no formal/contracted resolution time for P4 requests unless agreed in writing as part of the request.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our Standard SLA is shown below. The SLA in your contract/maintenance agreement may show different response and resolution times if a custom SLA package was created for you.

Initial Response Time †8 Hours
P1 Issue Resolution Time1 Working Day
P2 Issue Resolution Time3 Working Days
P3 Issue Resolution Time40 Working Days
Telephone SupportMonday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

If you require regular support outside of normal working hours and this is not part of your existing contract/maintenance agreement, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

* Calls to Emergency Support number outside of standard hours may be chargeable; current rates as notified upon making a call.
Initial response time is in working hours, applicable from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

New Support Ticket

This form is only for use by existing clients. If you are not already a client, please use our general contact form or chatbot.