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Order Management Software

Pre-configured to facilitate pain-free order management, seven stages are available:

  • New
  • Processing
  • Shipping
  • Complete
  • Returned
  • Refunded
  • Cancelled

Orders can be moved between stages, and stages can be bypassed if your business doesn’t need them. Optionally, an automatic email can be sent to the customer upon change of a stage. Pre-configured email templates with professional business wording come built-in as standard.

Choose whether to restock items that have been returned or cancelled on a case-by-case basis, giving you the flexibility to make decisions on the condition of items when they are returned and ensuring accurate stock levels are maintained.

Unlimited notes can be added to orders, either customer-viewable or private to your business, and notes can be categorised to track problems and feed into quality control systems.

Intelligent reporting provides insights into sales trends, common issues during processing, and average order processing times.

Manufacture or Assemble Products?

With our Manufacturing module, additional sub-processes (Workflows) within the ‘Processing’ stage give you complete control over every stage of your internal processes. Features include:

  • Unlimited workflow stages, with any name you require and customisable icons for each stage.
  • Tracks total processing time - choose which stage(s) start and stop the ‘clock’.
  • Automatically flags orders that are stuck or close to breaching SLAs.
  • Filter orders screens by workflow stage, easily enabling different team members to view their current workload.
  • Generate BOMs to improve the speed and efficiency of picking components that make up your products.

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