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Introducing Multiverse

If you've ever been frustrated when trying to manage the content of your website, then Multiverse is the platform for you.  It has been designed specifically for SMEs and micro businesses including sole traders.

More than just a CMS

Although Multiverse started as a humble CMS in 2012, it's grown into an incredibly reliable, enterprise-grade eCommerce solution, with amazing features built-in that you won't find in any other out-of-the-box solution, including:

  • Automatic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Full-featured Events Management System
  • Email Marketing Campaign Manager
  • Integration Engine - link to your CRM and accounting software

eCommerce Just Got Serious

Designed to drive high-volumes of customers towards buying your products and services, Multiverse has been cleverly designed to maximise conversions so you'll get the best possible return on investment.