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Inventory Management System

Stock control is rarely easy, but our software provides your business with the flexibility to always ensure the stock levels on the screen match those in the warehouse. Features include:

  • Automatic restocking of items based on pre-defined rules.
  • Products can be broken down into 'Component Parts', providing full granularity for the stock levels of each individual item.
  • When a product is sold that contains Component Parts, each component’s stock is debited by the correct amount immediately, reserving those items for that order.
  • Automatically set products to be out of stock if there are not enough components in stock to manufacture it or choose to allow presales regardless.
  • Pre-define desired minimum and maximum stock levels for a purchasing list automatically displayed in priority order by those items furthest from the desired levels.
  • Quickly and easily add items to Purchase Orders for the fastest turn-around from your suppliers.

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