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Domain Name Protection

Avoid slip-ups with your domain name management.

Most people who have had a domain name have at least one horror story to tell, from accidental expiry to someone else registering their domain and selling it back to them at a premium.  That's why we're changing the way we work with domain names; introducing SureSafe Domain Name Assurance.

SureSafe is a new concept that allows you to pay for your domain name over time via Direct Debit, and when your domain comes up for renewal we will ensure it's renewed successfully every time, guaranteed.  You won't even have to lift a finger.

SureSafe Benefits

  • Domain Name automatically renews every year.
  • Never lose your domain name, guaranteed.
  • WhoisGuard Protection to hide your identity.
  • We fully manage your domain, but it is always owned by you.
  • There are no contracts - cancel at any time without penalties.
  • Zero administration. Zero additional charges. Zero risk!

How much does it cost?

Complete piece of mind for your TLD (top-level domain) name costs less than you might think. There is an initial registration and configuration fee of £30.00, which includes free 12 month WhoisGuard Protection where available (depends on the TLD). After that, it's as little as £3.00/month.

  • Standard TLDs (e.g. .com, .co.uk, .org) - £3.00/month
  • Premium TLDs (e.g. .tv and some other countries) - from £8.50/month

At any time if you don't need a domain name anymore, just let us know.  We'll cancel the SureSafe Assurance and your domain name will expire the next time it comes up for renewal.

I already have a domain name...

That's fine too!  You have a couple of options in this case:

  1. You or your existing provider can make configuration changes to the domain to point it at the server your website is stored on, or
  2. We can help you to transfer the domain name to us, so you'll get all of the benefits and security offered by our SureSafe service.

Who Can Receive SureSafe?

We only provide this service as an add-on where a business is already receiving one or more of our other core services.

Can I register my own domain?

Absolutely!  If you're confident with how domain names work, and understand how to change DNS server records from time to time, then there's nothing stopping you from registering your own.

When searching for a name, bear the following in mind:

  • The domain should be easy to spell. Avoid words that are commonly misspelled.
  • Keep it as short as possible - nobody wants to type more than they have to!
  • Avoid dashes - where possible, as they add complexity.
  • Try to include key words that your customers might be searching for.

Find your perfect domain...

For domain name registration that keeps your long-term costs to a minimum, we recommend NameCheap.  They even give you Free WhoisGuard Protection with any new registration, which protects your personal information from would-be spammers and scammers.

Suresafe Domain Name Assurance