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CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Multiverse enables product configuration in collaboration with customers, so your salespeople can generate instant, accurate quotes within seconds and without ever leaving the customer’s premises. It has never been easier or faster to close a deal and improve cash flow.

Eliminate the need for engineers and product designers to be involved in the sales process. Automated, dynamic pricing and bills of materials (BOM) frees up staff resources and allows salespeople to focus on customers rather than internal communications.

Instant dynamic pricing and quotations is the key to a productive sales force, but it is just the start. Multiverse creates BOMs and work lists, and integrates with other systems including Production Management Software, reducing the risk of errors, and saving valuable pre-production time.

Reliably offer more complex products and win more business by becoming more efficient. Multiverse allows you to produce more products with fewer resources, increasing revenue and profit margins, leading to an increased share of the market.

The more complex the product, the higher the risk of human error. Multiverse eliminates the possibility for human error in the majority of scenarios by using an advanced, infinitely customisable rules engine that moulds itself around even the most complex products.

Multiverse ensures customers receive exactly what they ordered, with the correct configurations, and without transcription errors, every time. Automated communications on order processing keep customers informed, increasing satisfaction, and reducing returns.



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