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Responsive Web Design: Time To Act

Responsive Web Design

As web design standards change, so do our websites. It’s no secret that to produce a successful website, we need to keep up with the times and make adjustments to not only comply with the latest web design standards, but also to ensure our websites are fit for the audience viewing them.

Responsive web design as a term has only recently reached a wide audience thanks to the recent changes announced by Google, known  as #mobilegeddon across social media. In essence, it means a website that responds to its environment, such as the device it is being viewed on and the screen size. A responsive website provides mobile users with the ease of using an app within their web browser, by displaying alternative navigation menus fit for their device.

Responsive websites are produced by detecting the size of your browser/screen and making styling changes to ensure the design fits in the best possible way. All content will then fit within specific boundaries and the styling of some elements may be completed swapped around.

If you want to target as many audiences as possible with your website, then you'll need responsive web design. Google's changes now mean that non-responsive websites are penalised when someone is searching from a mobile device. Thousands of businesses have seen drops in traffic as a result of their website slipping from page 1 to as low as page 8. As over 95% of all clicks happen on the first page of Google's results, it can be critical.

It's become essential for any business promoting their website to optimise their site to work across multiple devices. If a customer is browsing on-the-go using their smart phone, they are expecting a user-friendly experience. If they don't get it, or the layout of the website is confusing, they are likely to take their custom elsewhere.

Are you losing out on potential customers because of an old website?

Web Design by SIGMA specialise in producing responsive websites. Our client’s can rest easy knowing that their websites will be easily visible across all devices; desktop or mobile, and is maximising sales.

8 June 2015