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Introducing Barro! A Marketplace for Local Businesses

Barro Splash

After conducting market research earlier this year, we are now at liberty to reveal our long time “secret” project, Barro Local!

We have a vision for the countless dying high streets of our country, one that would see them brought back to life, seeing the hustle and bustle of beautiful communities coming together and keeping things local.

So, what does that have to do with tech?

Barro is a mobile app & digital marketplace for local, independent businesses to advertise their products. You can shop online, place a delivery slot, and have your order delivered, just like any other app, except all of the products are directly sourced from your local high street. No chains, no multinationals, just helping your local community by doing your weekly shopping!

We hope that Barro will aid many local, independent businesses by bringing them into the digital age and providing a top-notch delivery and order aggregation service that will make supplying and ordering from us as easy and smooth as possible.

If you want to check out more information, visit our landing page at www.barro.io. We cannot wait to start this journey and hope to see you there.

6 September 2022