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Growth & Expansion: A Milestone for SIGMA

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We’re happy to share that the year so far has proven to be a period of remarkable growth here at SIGMA, fuelled by the success of our unique products and services, our loyal clients who we appreciate so dearly, and our ever growing team who have become instrumental in driving innovation in the tech industry and within the SIGMA company. This period of growth has given us the opportunity to further invest in our own development, widening our reach, expanding our operations, and refining our services while we continue to develop ground breaking solutions to help SME’s achieve their vision.  

It would be impossible to share SIGMA’s growth and expansion without referring to our beloved sister company, Barro! Founded in 2022, Barro’ s mission is to revitalise the high street by bringing local independent businesses to those that love them most. Powered by a fleet of electric vehicles and cutting-edge AI technology, Barro’s carbon neutral operations will reduce pollution in residential areas, support small businesses and promote a circular economy, thus making local communities more resilient. Barro’s mission is an initiative close to our hearts, inspired by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our local economy and communities, which is why we couldn’t be prouder to use our technology to launch a project that will directly support our community and the local businesses that thrive within them. Barro will be launching in the Liverpool region this Winter!

Along with this period of remarkable growth comes the need for expansion, which means growing our team with talented professionals who possess the expertise, drive and passion to contribute to our vision. The addition of Dr William Zhong in February 2023 has been instrumental in our development; as the Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Barro, his expertise in artificial intelligence has proven both innovative and essential to the development of the unique software and services Barro offers, unlike anything else currently available on the market. Since joining our team of software developers here at SIGMA, William’s expertise has allowed us to expand our operations, enriching the collective knowledge base and experience of our team, while opening doors for potential new and unique services available to our loyal clients. We’re excited for the future of SIGMA and to see where our team’s unique skillset takes us!

As the most recent addition to the SIGMA team, I thought I would share my experience at the company, what I’ve learnt so far, and how I came to be here. Joining SIGMA as a Marketing Executive through Liverpool John Moore University’s Graduate Futures programme in June 2023, just a few short weeks after submitting my dissertation, I had applied to 4 different companies in the Liverpool region but knew that SIGMA was my first choice. With 4 invitations to interview that week, SIGMA was my second interview and I accepted my position on the same day. Knowing that my English Literature degree, creative writing, graphic design and analytical skills would translate well in a career in marketing, I was eager to gain relevant experience in the industry to set off my career. However, understanding the importance and influence of developing tech in almost every industry there is to work in, I had also considered a career in the tech industry, researching different avenues I could take to do so after the completion of my bachelor’s degree. Undecided, commencing my marketing career in a tech company presented the perfect solution. This, along with SIGMA’s commitment to their employee’s career growth, with multiple avenues for further training and development, made SIGMA the right fit for me.

So far, the importance of embracing new technologies within marketing efforts has been one of the most influential lessons I’ve learnt; leveraging the power of artificial intelligence driven tools and analytics to optimise your use of ever evolving social media platforms is becoming a regular responsibility for any marketer (especially if they want to keep up with industry trends). Analysing the company and contributing ideas to shape the future marketing direction, influencing marketing strategies, decisions, and campaigns has been whole-heartedly enjoyable and only driven my own creativity. The dynamic and collaborative working environment that the SIGMA team has created fosters an environment of collective growth, where everyone’s ideas are valued, which made it all the more fulfilling to contribute to campaign strategies, meetings, and brainstorming sessions. It’s indeed rewarding to see a company celebrate its expansion and growth with such a hard working team behind it.

As we continue to embrace growth and welcome new members, we’re excited to see where the future takes us. We’re humbled by the continuous support of our loyal clientele, and we’re committed to harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to continue to support small businesses in achieving their vision, while pushing the boundaries of technology, and developing innovative services and products to optimise the support we’re able to offer. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and for the launch of Barro’s Liverpool pilot, coming soon!

17 August 2023