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Digital Marketing Challenges

Digital Marketing

The Challenges of Digital Marketing

Marketing is a wonderous thing, with digital marketing being a particularly rewarding branch of it. However, it’s not as straight forwards as some exerts can lead you to believe, and certainly isn’t without its frustrations. Here are some of the top digital marketing challenges I’ve faced.


Social Media Marketing

This medium in particular has proven to be a major source of frustration, and from my research it seems I’m not alone.

The ability to organically reach your audience feels virtually non-existent thanks to changes made to algorithms, and is set to get worse in 2018. As a small business, it’s crippling. Small businesses don’t have a big budget available to run lots of paid for activity so gaining any kind of credible reach can easily be labelled out-of-reach. Indeed, regardless of business size, 63% of marketers say the top challenge they face is generating traffic and leads.

Source stateofinbound


Content Creation

Is time consuming and without keeping a heavy check on myself can mean a lot of that time is unproductive. Linking back to organic reach, the time and effort put in to creating quality content intended to grab and engage your audience only for the message to be lost is, at times, disheartening.


Digital Marketing ROI

Pinpointing how to demonstrate the return on investment of a campaign is difficult. You can tell managers, business owners, etc. about the value of the campaign and impact on your digital marketing activities, but really that’s not good enough. In fact, when marketers were asked what they felt the top challenges were, difficulty in measuring ROI came in second spot of HubSpot’s report at 43%.


Source stateofinbound


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Irretrievably intertwined with everything.


So they are some of the challenges a digital marketer can face. Overcoming them takes time and quite a bit of trial and error, and more of a mind overhaul than you’d think. The main one to overcome, for me and possibly many others, is lacking patience; gaining reach, followers, readers, traffic, etc. won’t happen overnight.

I’ve learnt to love SEO, well as much as anyone can, and fully appreciate it. It’s a complex, infuriating task that must be interwoven in to everything digital, but get it right and the rewards are bountiful.

More importantly, I’ll continue to put the time and effort in to creating quality content that matters. After all, content that doesn’t help and entertain won’t garner attention. 

If you’re finding digital marketing a struggle, then get in touch here to see how we can help you.

8 January 2018