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AI and ML Exploration

SIGMA Technology are fully embracing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

There are an increasing number of open-source Machine Learning algorithms available for use, which can be used for both broad and specialised use-cases.  Using AI can give your business an incredible competitive advantage, and we are leading the way with the building of AI tools and integrating them with existing systems, enhancing their power and efficiency every step of the way.

Machine Learning Application Use Cases

e-Commerce Use Case:

An e-commerce company wanted to recommend alternative products to customers, especially when a particular item is out of stock. Instead of making suggestions based solely on the category or brand name, we can leverage language models to read product descriptions and other details. This approach offers a more intuitive and intelligent way of product recommendation. Furthermore, the AI system learns from customer feedback, allowing it to refine and improve its suggestions over time.

Accounting Use Case:

A company integrated its accounting software to easily upload statements. However, each statement contains hundreds of lines, and manually selecting the tracking for each line is cumbersome. Additionally, mapping descriptions to tracking categories isn't straightforward, as the same category might have slightly varied descriptions at times, and the appropriate tracking could depend on different variables. By designing an AI solution, we can automate the tracking population process. Users then only need to make minimal corrections, and the AI continues to improve based on user corrections.

Customer Service Use Case:

Customer service representatives can benefit from a language model that suggests potential answers to customer inquiries. These suggestions are based on the provided context and the question itself. Representatives can then quickly select the most appropriate response, modify it if necessary, and send it to the customer with a higher efficiency.

Other Cases:

We also undertake machine learning projects involving Q&A, image recognition, time series prediction, reinforcement learning, and more.

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